Sonoma Valley Wine Family Groups

Italian wine master Ferrari-Carrera has signed on with winemaker Bill Foley to buy up Sonoma County's largest vineyard, Sonoma Wine Country. Wine recreation Vintner Bill Foley will get Sonoma County wine country in a package that will add almost two thousand acres of vineyard and more than a half million cases in volume to his expanding Golden State operation. The Foley Family Wines business is set up as a partnership between Bill Foley and a California based company called the Foamex Group. In addition to owning the Sonoma wine country vineyards, the Foamex Group will be a partner for the Sonoma Wine Country operations and handle wine sales from Sonoma wines to retailers around the world. It's a perfect marriage for the American wine industry and the Italian wine world.

Famous Sonoma County

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of Sonoma wines is the wine country itself. Located in Napa Valley, Sonoma Wine Country is a mecca for the wine connoisseur who likes to experience the very best in both the flavor and quality of wines. Located in California, Sonoma Wine Country has become well known for its award-winning wines. Sonoma Wine Country boasts some of the best tasting wines in the entire world and is known for their award-winning Chardonnays. The deal was completed in January and according to the Foamex Group, there are many reasons that the company has chosen to work with Bill Foley and the Foley Family Wine Country. Family photograph The company says that Bill has an extensive knowledge of grapes, the process of making wine, and the wine culture of Italy, and has also won prestigious awards for his work in Napa Valley.

International Exposure

The Foamex group says that Bill will have over twenty years experience in the wine industry and that he will be able to provide the necessary expertise to help the company grow and flourish in its efforts to make its name known in the wine business. The group says that it will also benefit from the expertise that Bill brings to the company through the sale of the Sonoma vineyard and from having the opportunity to share wines with international retailers. According to the Foamex group, Bill will be involved with the day-to-day operations of the Sonoma vineyards. He will oversee the production, quality control, sales and distribution of the wine, which will come from the wineries in Italy. In addition to his direct involvement with the Sonoma vineyards, Bill will be involved in marketing the wines through Foamex's website and will manage the sales efforts of the wineries. He will also work with the Napa County Winegrowers Association to promote the wineries and the sales of the Sonoma wines.

Rewards and Wine Rating System

This is a great deal for everyone who owns Sonoma Wine Country and the wineries that operate from the area. Sonoma Wine Country wines sell like hotcakes and all that extra work and effort from Bill will pay off in spades as the wines will continue to receive recognition from critics and winemakers around the world. Valley description According to the Foamex Group, the company's business model will feature a "Buy One Bottle, Get One Wine" program where consumers who purchase one bottle will get a second bottle free or a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied. They are also going to add discounts on the wines based on the number of bottles purchased. The company says that its website will feature a full-fledged wine rating system where consumers can view the ratings of wines and determine their quality. based on a range from the highest to the lowest. The Foamex Group says that it will also work with the Napa County Winegrowers Association to provide information about the different wineries, along with the prices of the wines and the amount of time that they take to make the wines. It will also share information about pricing policies for the vineyards. The company says that Bill is a very passionate advocate of wine and will continue to work with the Foamex Group to make sure that the wines sold by Sonoma Wine Country are the best that they can be. The Foamex Group has said that it expects to be profitable in the next ten years, and the winery's future is looking very good.